Cray Spider -
Matte Black


A black widow may have eight legs, but Cray鈥佰∶陈籹 new Spider Corvette wheels have ten, eerily articulated from the deeply recessed hub to the very edge of the lip. Rather than hide the formidable Corvette brake rotor and caliber assembly, this open, 鈥佰∶屆�see through鈥佰∶� design frames it. It is a design made possible by our highly advanced manufacturing technology known as rotary forging. Rotary forging is a process that significantly strengthens the aluminum alloy, permitting Spider鈥佰∶陈籹 graceful, arachnid spokes. Rotary forging also produces a markedly lighter wheel than conventional processes and weight is always the enemy of performance. Eighteen to 20-inch variations of Cray Spider Corvette rims ensure compatibility with C4, C5, C6 Grand Sport and Z06, and C7 Stingray and Z51 鈥佰∶屆澝屆ettes. Argue with yourself over the matte black finish, silver with a mirror cut face or gloss black with a mirror cut face.